Global property research

Business Case

Dexia Bank Denmark uses GPR 250 Europe 20% UK-capped index product.

Monday 1 March 2004

Global Property Research (GPR) proudly announces that Dexia Bank Denmark started to choose the GPR 250 Europe 20% UK-capped index product for benchmarking its Dexia Invest European Real Estate Equities fund. The index is a customised index created and maintained by GPR on behalf of Dexia Bank Denmark. The index is denominated in euro and constructed on a total return basis. The 20% capping on the UK property stocks included in the GPR 250 Europe Index is performed on a daily basis.

The development of the GPR 250 Europe 20% UK-capped Index confirms the dedication and specialization of Global Property Research in the provision of standard and customised benchmarks for the listed property sector.