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GPR Launches GPR Pure Infrastructure Index Series

Global Property Research (GPR), a global provider of tailor-made index solutions, launches the GPR Pure Infrastructure Index Series to track the development and benchmark the performance of the global listed infrastructure industry. The GPR Pure Infrastructure Index Series will complement its long-established indices for the international real estate securities industry.

Infrastructure is recognized by many as the backbone of global economy given its long-term, capital-intensive, activities and importance to society. Offering the potential for stable, predictable long-term yields, together with the diversification and inflation-hedging characteristics that are similar to listed real estate, the newly developed index series is based on the purest definition of the infrastructure industry and captures the relevant economic aspects of the infrastructure spectrum. This includes companies that facilitate the movement of people, goods, energy and information by owning or operating the underlying real asset and excludes companies within the social infrastructure spectrum and those conducting marketing, support and trade-related activities.

The straightforward, transparent and rules-based methodology for index construction allows the index series fully accessible and coherent for international investors. The liquidity, rebalancing frequency and high level of diversification will perfectly serve the needs of issuers of financial products such as exchange-traded funds and derivatives. The indices are rebalanced after close of trading on the third Friday in March and September.

“The launch of the GPR Pure Infrastructure Index Series marks a significant milestone for GPR” said Jeroen Vreeker Head of the GPR Index Team. “We have used our knowledge and insights in creating and maintaining international real estate securities benchmarks in order to fulfil the wishes and needs of investors in a different segment of the ‘real assets’ spectrum. We are proud to present this innovative index series, which serves as the best representation of the pure global listed infrastructure industry, focusing on the turnover derived from infrastructure assets. By offering benchmarks with exposure levels to continents, (Developed and Emerging) countries, sectors (Pipelines & Storage, Electricity Transmission, Transportation and Communication) and Master Limited Partnerships, these indices offer the possibility to construct portfolios according to individual preferences.”

The development of the GPR Pure Infrastructure Index Series once again demonstrates the dedication and specialization of GPR in the provision of standard and customized benchmarks. Additional information on the GPR Pure Infrastructure Index Series can be obtained by contacting Global Property Research.

GPR Pure Infrastructure Index - brochure

All indices are available in price and total return version and are calculated in AUD, EUR, LOC and USD. The GPR Pure Infrastructure Index Series is distributed via our website, Bloomberg (GPRI <GO>) and Reuters (0#.GPRINFRA).


Further information can be obtained by contacting:


Jeroen Vreeker        +31 20 3488 451

Floris van Dorp        +31 20 3488 452