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 GPR Real Estate Index Series

Index Name Factsheet Methodology Benchmark Statement 
GPR 250 Indexdownloaddownloaddownload
GPR 250 REIT Indexdownloaddownload
GPR General Indexdownloaddownload
GPR General Quoted Indexdownloaddownload
GPR/APREA Investable 100 Indexdownloaddownload
GPR/APREA Investable REIT 100 Indexdownloaddownload
GPR/APREA Composite Indexdownloaddownload
GPR/APREA Composite REIT Indexdownloaddownload


GPR Infrastructure Index Series

Index Name Factsheet Methodology  
GPR Pure Infrastructure Indexdownloaddownload
GLIO Indexdownloaddownload

ESG Index Series

For benchmarks that persue ESG objectives details in relation to ESG factors should be disclosed. A detailed description of each factor as well as the associated calculation formula can be found here:

- GPR ESG Factor Disclosure Guideline.

Below the relevant Benchmark Statements are listed that hold the information required pursuant to Annex II to Commission Delegated Regulation (EU) 2020/1816.

Index Name Factsheet Methodology  Benchmark StatementESG Methodology
GPR Europe ESG+ Indexdownloaddownload

GPR Europe ex-UK ESG+ Indexdownloaddownload

GPR Eurozone ESG+ Indexdownloaddownload

GPR Sustainable Real Estate Index Europedownloaddownloaddownloaddownload
GLIO/GRESB ESG Indexdownloaddownload

Customized index series

Index NameMethodologyBenchmark StatementESG Methodology
GPR Global 100 Index EURdownloaddownloaddownload
GPR Global Top 100 ESG Index EURdownloaddownloaddownload
GPR Americas Top 40 ESG Index EURdownloaddownloaddownload
GPR Asia Pacific Top 30 ESG Index EURdownloaddownloaddownload
GPR EMEA Top 30 ESG Index EURdownloaddownloaddownload
Reitway Global Property Indexdownload

Reitway Global Property Diversified Indexdownload

Reitway Global Property ESG Indexdownload

GPR 250 Europe 20% UK Net Index
GPR 250 World NET Index
GPR Dutch Small Cap Indexdownloaddownload
GPR Europe Balanced Index
GPR Europe UK 25% Capped Net Index
GPR General Quoted Europe Net Index
GPR Global NETTO Index
GPR US REIT Balanced Index
HVB Asia Indexdownloaddownload
HVB Europe Indexdownloaddownload